As part of the 10th TSBJ, methodological workshops will be held on June 13, 2023 in Słupsk at the headquarters of the Pomeranian University in Słupsk from 9.00 to 17.00. The list of proposed workshops is as follows:


W1. dr hab. Marek Gorzko, prof. university (AP) - Grounded Theory Methodology - generating theories;

W2. dr hab. Jakub Niedbalski, prof. university (UŁ) - Introduction to computer analysis of qualitative data. Basic principles and examples

       of free CAQDAS software;

W3. dr hab. Waldemar Dymarczyk (UŁ) - Does seeing mean knowing? That is, about embedding images in the context

       and reading from the context of images;

W4. prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Konecki (UŁ) - The importance of contemplation in qualitative social research: research techniques,

       examples of applications;

W5. dr Marcin Kafar (UŁ), dr Colette Szczepaniak - Autoethnography as a research method and an alternative space for academic practice;

W6. dr Łukasz Marciniak (UŁ) - Exploration through metaphor. Generating verbal and visual metaphors as a method of collecting

        multidimensional qualitative data;

W7. dr hab. Magdalena Szpunar, prof. university (UŚ) - Methodology of online research. About the opportunities and challenges of online

        research projects;

W8. dr hab. Malgorzata Michel, prof. universities (UJ) - Study of disadvantaged environments in a demanding area: security aspects,

        ethical and methodological dilemmas in the context of a humanitarian crisis;

W9. dr Katarzyna Archanowicz-Kudelska (SGH) – Focus group interview (FGI) in practice, or focus on focus;

W10. dr hab. Astrid Męczkowska-Christiansen, prof. university (AMW) - Phenomenography in social research;

W11. dr Joanna Bielecka-Prus (UMCS) – Discourse analysis;

W12. dr hab. Martyna Pryszmont (UWr), dr Joanna Golonka-Legut (UWr) – Analysis of audiovisual materials in research practice.

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