dr Marcin Kafar (UŁ), dr Colette Szczepaniak


as a research method and an alternative space for academic practice


The main objective of the workshop is to familiarize the participants with the possibilities offered by the ability to conduct research using autoethnography. Participants of the course will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the most important elements of autoethnography as a method of producing knowledge and conducting research, taking into account its theoretical, methodological and methodological background. Within the scope of the planned activities, the lecturers will use autoethnographic sources existing in a wider circulation, as well as reach for unpublished materials coming directly from the creators of autoethnography, Carolyn Ellis and Arthur P. Bochner. Some of the classes will be filled with interactive works with both classic autoethnographies in textual and audiovisual form, as well as the latest autoethnographic experiments. A separate, very important layer will be autoethnographic samples created by the participants of the workshop. Together we will try to answer the question: Can autoethnography/(shouldn't) be/is an alternative space for academic practice?