Workshop goals:

1) getting acquainted with the traditions and approaches to the analysis of audiovisual materials;

2) initiating the process of analyzing selected audiovisual materials;

3) stimulating the creativity and creativity of workshop participants.


Description of the potential addressees of the workshop: researchers and practitioners of education who are oriented towards conducting research using audiovisual materials.


Minimum and maximum number of participants: 10-15


Duration: one day with lunch break ( 7 hours)


Detailed program and course of the workshop:

1. Welcome and introduction of workshop participants.

2. Introduction to the subject of the analysis of visual materials. Theoretical and methodological foundations.

3. Audiovisual imagination training.

4. Review of research projects using the analysis of visual materials.

5. Analysis of selected types of audiovisual materials.

6. Ethical aspects of research using audiovisual materials.

7. Evaluation and summary of the workshop.


Teaching methods used: the project method, mindmapping, methods using photography, film, and show and staging.

Alternatively, the requirements for the participants' prior preparation for the workshop: a mobile phone with a video recording function and a camera, a laptop.


dr hab. Martyna Pryszmont (UWr), dr Joanna Golonka-Legut (UWr)

Analysis of audiovisual materials in research practice