17.00 – start of registration of participants


18.00-19.00 - dinner buffet


19.00-19.30 - Opening Ceremony - led by prof. dr hab. Dariusz Kubinowski (Pomeranian University in Słupsk)


Speech by Dr hab. Andrzej Urbanek, university professor- Vice-Rector for Education at the Pomeranian University in Słupsk


Speech by Dr hab. Anna Babicka-Wirkus, university professor - Director of the Institute of Pedagogy of the Pomeranian

University in Słupsk


Opening of premiere exhibition of collages by prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Konecki entitled "Beyond the borders of qualitative



19.30-21.00 - first session (in English) - chaired by Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Konecki (University of Lodz)


Vilma Zydziunaite, professor, habilitated doctor (Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Educational Research Institute)

- Interdisciplinary qualitative research: towards transformative or / and integrative approach?


Thaddeus Müller, professor, reader (Lancaster University Law School) - Researching the moral enterprise

of the US opioid epidemic. An ethnographic document analyse of the normalisation of opiod painkillers


Anna Samchuk, M.A., Andrii Melnikov, habilitated doctor, associate professor (Taras Shevchenko National University

of Kyiv) - Existential reality of war: perspectives for qualitative analysis




9.00-11.00 – second session (in Polish) - chaired by Dr hab. Małgorzata Michel, university professor (Jagiellonian University)


Dr. hab. Anna Babicka-Wirkus, university professor (Pomeranian University in Słupsk) - Children's right to freedom

of expression on the example of Polish and British school regulations regarding the appearance of students


Dr Katarzyna Gajek (University of Lodz) - Biographical work of parents of children with non-normative sexual orientation

and/or gender identity


Dr Monika Wojtczak (University of Lodz) - Reasons for the increased number of entrusting children to foster care institutions:

situational analysis


Dr Katarzyna Archanowicz-Kudelska (Warsaw School of Economics) - “I do care, so I don't have a car(e) - behaviours, needs

and attitudes towards urban mobility of parents of Warsaw schoolchildren”.


Dr Beata Adrjan (University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn) - Meeting as an educational practice constructing parents

at school: preliminary analysis of the audio material


Dr Tomasz Marcysiak (WSB Merito University in Toruń) - Research competitions among primary school students as a source

of qualitative data in the context of research on regional identity


Dr Magdalena Cuprjak (Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń) - The category of "lack" as a perspective of building

knowledge about youth [paper on the table]


11.30-14.00 - third session (in Polish) - chaired by Dr hab. Anna Babicka-Wirkus, university professor (Pomeranian

University in Słupsk)


Prof. dr hab. Lech Witkowski (Pomeranian University in Słupsk) - Paradoxes of rationality in social space in terms

of Florian Znaniecki


Dr hab. Magdalena Szpunar, university professor (University of Silesia) - (Un)safe relationships. About the difficult

relationships of poetry with science


Dr hab. Anna Kacperczyk, university professor (University of Lodz) - Interactions with objects. How waste and rubbish

mediate in relationships with others?


Dr Marcin Kafar (University of Lodz) - Dimensions of "autoethnographic practicing autoethnography" – from

autoethnography to autoethnographicity


Dr hab. Oskar Szwabowski, university professor (Pomeranian University in Słupsk) - Uncertainty - about doing



Dr Agnieszka Janiak (University of Lower Silesia DSW in Wrocław) - Autoethnographic cognitive circle – possibilities

and dilemmas. A letter from an 18-year autoethnographic journey


Mgr Wiktoria Morawska (Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences) - At the source

of the research problem: autoethnography in a feminist analysis of inequality towards advancing women


Dr Dominik Porczyński (University of Rzeszów) - About unexplored areas. Why qualitative research allows

echo the voices that have been missed


Dr hab. Martyna Pryszmont (University of Wrocław), Dr Joanna Golonka-Legut (University of Wrocław) – (Audio)visual

techniques and materials in (re)recognition of adult microworlds - academic practice [poster]


14.00-15.00 - lunch break


15.00-17.00 - fourth session (in English) – chaired by Prof. dr hab. Maria Czerepaniak-Walczak (University of Szczecin)


Alec Grant, Ph. D., visiting professor (University of Bolton) - Critical autoethnography


Anssi Peräkylä, professor (University of Helsinki & Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies) - Vulnerability of self in social



Basia Nikiforova, Ph. D., associeted professor, senior research fellow (Lithuanian Culture Research Institute, Department

of Contemporary Philosophy) - Borders and borderlands in the age of posthumanism: analytical research and social activism


Nadine Fernandez, Ph. D. (State University of New York, Empire College) - Migrantours: action research through

sustainable, community-based tourism


17.00-17.30 - coffee break


17.30-19.00 - fifth session (in English) - chaired by Dr hab. Anna Kacperczyk, university professor (University of Lodz)


Andrew Blasko, Ph. D., professor (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Population and Human Studies)Social

integration and alienation: individualism in the service of submission


Vessela Misheva, Ph. D., professor (Uppssala University, Department of Sociology) - Analysis of responses to the first wave

of the Covid-19 pandemic: What can be learned from the exceptions to the rule”?


John P. Portelli, professor emeritus (University of Toronto) - Dialogue and literary textuality as genuine research


20.30-1.00 - gala dinner



9.00-11.00 - sixth session (in Polish) - chaired by: Dr hab. Magdalena Szpunar, university professor (Silesian University)


Dr hab. Waldemar Dymarczyk (University of Lodz) - Sociological photo essay - question about status


Dr Izabela Bukalska (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw), Dr hab. Rafał Wiśniewski, university professor

(Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw), Mgr Grażyna Pol (National Center for Culture),

Mgr Magda Ostrowska (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw) - Structural elements of audio reportage

as specific carriers of meanings. Reflections from the initial stage of the research project


Dr Łukasz Marciniak (University of Lodz) - Generating verbal and visual metaphors as a method of collecting

multidimensional qualitative data


Mgr Anna Kuczyńska (Collegium Civitas) - Digital competences and their acquisition among the elderly - social problems,

digital exclusion and adaptation of research methods


Mgr Helena Marzec-Gołąb (University of Warsaw) - Cognition and changing as goals of critical qualitative research

and their reflection in research projects. For greater visibility of women in music


Mgr Katarzyna Krakowska (Collegium Civitas) - Introspection and vocation. On becoming a sociologist of experience

of war


Mgr Karolina Kehl (Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education in Warsaw) - The importance of greenery

in the city on the example of the revitalization of the market square in Kutno


Prof. dr hab. Maria Flis (Jagiellonian University), Mgr Karol Piotrowski (Jagiellonian University) - Synergy of cognition

scientific and artistic research in critical qualitative research on the example of marches and pride parades [paper on the table]


Dr Justyna Spychalska-Stasiak (Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz) - Bricolage in the practice of research

on education [paper on the table]


11.00-11.30 coffee break


11.30-14.00 – seventh session (in Polish) chaired by Dr hab. Bernadetta Janusz (Jagiellonian University)


Dr hab. Aneta Krzewińska, university professor (University of Lodz), Dr Kamil Brzeziński (University of Lodz)

- Experiences and the needs of mentally ill patients and their families - examples of participatory research


Dr hab. Marcjanna Nóżka, university professor (Jagiellonian University) - Sensing (dis)abilities. Physical disability

examinations in social kinesthetic practices of people walking and moving in wheelchairs


Mgr Magdalena Koperska (Jagiellonian University) - Narrative research towards change. Emancipatory potential of

autobiographical narratives of women experiencing a long-term relationship crisis


Dr Beata Gumienny (University of Rzeszów) - Impairment as a category of social construction of disability – critical



Mgr Karolina Rożniatowska (Jagiellonian University) - Coma in qualitative research - analysis of the phenomenon,

listening to people who are not listened to and raising public awareness


Mgr Radosław Nawojski (Jagiellonian University) - I feel out of place, or about relationships and roles in research

dilemmas in the study of the fight for reproductive rights in Poland


Mgr Ewelina Nowakowska (SWPS University) - Young Catholic gays and lesbians in Poland - who are they and what do

they believe in? Ethical and strategic reflections


Patryk Waszkiewicz (University of Lodz) - Difficulties in a religious community from the perspective of Light-Life

Movement members


14.00-15.00 - lunch


15.00-17.00 – eighth session (in Polish) - chaired by Dr hab. Waldemar Dymarczyk (University of Lodz)


Dr hab. Małgorzata Bieńkowska, university professor (University of Bialystok) - Life on the border of north-eastern Poland

in the context of the migration crisis


Dr hab. Krzysztof Arcimowicz, university professor (University of Bialystok) - The discourse of hybrid masculinities

in neoseries - critical perspective


Dr Krzysztof Stachura (University of Gdańsk) - Toxic sociability. The culture of hegemonic masculinity and its

Manifestations among Polish fans of the NBA Basketball League in Facebook groups


Mgr Edyta Tobiasiewicz (Jagiellonian University) - Gendered practices of models of masculinity questioning the rules

the "ideal worker" model in the culture and structures of innovative professional organizations


Dr Ewelina Kancik-Kołtun (Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin) - Qualitative research on the politicization

of the local authorities local: experiences from conducted research abroad


Dr Jowita Radzińska (SWPS University) - Solidarity in the face of contemporary challenges


Mgr Katarzyna Głowacka (Jagiellonian University) - Parliamentary resolutions commemorating as a building tool

national moral capital [paper on the table]


17.00-17.30 - coffee break


17.30-19.00 - ninth session (in Polish) - chaired by Dr hab. Małgorzata Bieńkowska, university professor (University

of Bialystok)


Dr hab. Helena Ostrowicka, university professor (Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz) - Problematization

as the practice of developing discourse sensitivity


Dr hab. Małgorzata Michel, university professor (Jagiellonian University) - Synergy of participation in field research.

Street - child - researcher: ethical entanglements


Dr Beata Bielska (Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń), Dr Katarzyna Kalinowska (Collegium Civitas),

Dr Sylwia Męcfal (University of Lodz), Dr Adrianna Surmiak (University of Warsaw) - Senses and nonsenses

of research work in social sciences and humanities. What has the pandemic revealed?


Dr hab. Urszula Kluczynska, university professor (Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań) - Interviews with old men caring for their

wives: ethical and methodological dilemmas during qualitative research in vulnerable groups


Dr Piotr Binder (Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences) - Online interviews in longitudinal

qualitative research – research experiences in a critical perspective


Dr Joanna Cukras-Stelągowska (Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń) - Expert interviews with representatives of elite.

Possibilities and limitations in research on minority groups [paper on the table]


19.00-20.00 - dinner buffet




9.00-11.00 - tenth session (in English and Polish) – chaired by Alec Grant, Ph. D., visiting professor (University

of Bolton) and prof. dr hab. Dariusz Kubinowski (Pomeranian University in Słupsk)


Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Konecki (University of Lodz) - A phenomenological-interactionist interpretation of corporeality

and intersubjectivity in hatha yoga [in English]


Dr hab. Bernadetta Janusz (Jagiellonian University) - The transformation of ambiguity in couple therapy: references

to the deceased child after perinatal loss [in English]


Mgr Hanna Kroczak (University of Lodz) - Survey plus observation. The transformational nature of qualitative component

inclusion for quantitative research [in English]


Dr Kateryna Novikova (SWPS University) - Ethical dimension of the qualitative research on digital communities

of expertise: challenges and suggestions [paper on the table in English]


Dr Colette Szczepaniak (University of Szczecin) - About the authenticity in autoethnography in the era of AI.

Can AI write an autoethnography? [paper on the table in English]


Final discussion and end of the conference [in Polish and English]

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