The aim of the workshop is to familiarize the participants with the possibilities and difficulties of online research projects, regardless of the chosen research method and technique. Workshop participants will learn about the possibilities of conducting research on the Internet, but also what to pay attention to when conducting research on the Internet, what traps lie in wait for researchers who want to conduct their research in this way. We will answer the question of how to deal with the ethical challenges of online mediated research and how to minimize difficulties. The workshop leader is the author of the monograph "Internet in the process of research implementation", as well as numerous scientific articles and training in this field. She is a co-author of the online survey application Classes will be conducted using the workshop method, which will allow each participant to present their concept of research and the difficulties they face while conducting their own research. Together, we will focus on what is problematic and try to respond to the challenges.




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dr hab. Magdalena Szpunar, prof. university (UŚ)

Methodology of online research.

About the opportunities and challenges of online research projects