General description of the workshop

The course is addressed primarily to people who just want to try their hand at implementing their own research projects using CAQDA programs. In their case, a good idea may be free software, which in most cases is a good alternative to still quite expensive and therefore not always widely available paid programs. Therefore, during the workshop, participants will learn about selected, free programs supporting the process of qualitative data analysis.

Framework program of the workshop

1. Introduction to computer-aided analysis of qualitative data

- historical overview genesis

- directions of CAQDA software development

- types and selection of software

- capabilities and limitations of the software

2. Preparation of material for analysis

- data transcription

- editing audio files

- file anonymization

- data archivization

3. Data analysis using CAQDAS tools

- handling codes, searching through codes and working with a list of codes;

- selective coding, creating categories and assigning codes;

- sorting and organizing collections of categorie

- screating concept maps and integrating diagrams

Effects of participation in the workshops

The workshop is aimed at people who would like to learn about the possibilities and ways of using selected computer programs supporting the analysis of qualitative data. The course will allow you to acquire the skills to use the basic tools used in COQDA. 



dr hab. Jakub Niedbalski, prof. university (UŁ)

Introduction to computer analysis of qualitative data.

Basic principles and examples of free CAQDAS software